New Adventures in a Familiar City

My bags were packed and the Calgary Tower was in my rear-view mirror in the spring of 2000.  I had just finished my broadcast journalism program at SAIT, and I was heading east to move back to Saskatchewan.  I always wanted to come back to Calgary at some point in my career – I just didn’t realize it would be nearly 17 years after it started.

Calgary has always been a familiar place for me.  I have extended family here.  As a kid, I spent those formative early years of my adolescence living in Airdrie.  I’ve visited often.  When you’re familiar with a place, you develop a level of literacy for its vibe and conventions.  Even so, time can change a place, and this city is no exception.

The boom of the early 2000s brought with it many new faces from not only across the country but from across the world.  Tastes have been refined.  There are new ideas and different ways of doing things. The Calgary I once knew, while still somewhat familiar in its layout, has a new texture to it which I’m eager to explore.

I’m approaching my return to the city as a new adventure – not only from a career perspective but also from a personal one.  I hope to share my experiences with you in a number of ways on a number of platforms – on this blog, on social media, and of course through my work.

Let the story begin.

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