Does Trivago really work?

Trivago Guy Tim Williams

We’ve all seen the Trivago commercials. You can’t miss them – the company spent more than $108M last year to buy TV commercials so we all would remember their name (and critique the clothing selections of pitchman Tim Williams.)

The ads make it seem like Trivago is simple to use, and will save us cash on booking a hotel room for our next trip. But, does the site work as advertised?

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Welcome to Uber Nation

“Thanks for the ride,” we tell Eric as we hop out of his robin egg blue Hyundai.  To be clear, Eric isn’t a long lost friend – we’ve only known him for 15 minutes and 16 seconds – the time it took to get from LA’s Union Station to our friend Patrick’s home in Silverlake.  Eric drives for Uber, and we’ve just finished our first trip with the controversial car service.

“Welcome to Uber Nation,” Eric exclaims as we take off.

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What comes next

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”
– Winston Churchill

It’s true – as we go through life, opportunities arise every day (although they can often be disguised as adversity, setbacks, or failure.)  Our perception of those opportunities will often drive what we do with them.  Do we forge ahead, throwing caution to the wind?  Do we turn down the opportunity for reasons of comfort, convenience or conviction?  Or do we miss seeing the opportunity in the first place because of bitterness, anger, and resentment?

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