#HashtagActivism and Media Backlash

On Sunday, the anti-media chorus (targeting old and new platforms) sang out on Facebook and Twitter, decrying what was being called a myopic, biased world view by the mainstream media when it comes to the terror unleashed by ISIS last week.  The complaint : while the attacks in Paris got the full western media breaking news treatment, a suicide bombing in a neighbourhood in Beirut along with another bombing at a funeral in Baghdad “got no coverage.”

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What did Justin Trudeau say about toques?

Election advertising is starting to reach what will be its long sustained crescendo through to the vote in October.  I don’t know about you, but for me pretty much all election advertising is bullshit.  Refined, focus group tested, Kobe beef grade bullshit.

Every party is disingenuous in the messaging it puts out when trying to get elected, usually through sins of omission.  They count on the fact that normal people simply won’t do any fact checking, and because the feature pieces by reporters on the national news which actually fact check the bullshit are buried five or six items in from the start of the newscast (leaving the weary viewer the decision of flipping to The Big Bang Theory instead), they know they can get away with feeding people bullshit without really getting caught.

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Does Trivago really work?

Trivago Guy Tim Williams

We’ve all seen the Trivago commercials. You can’t miss them – the company spent more than $108M last year to buy TV commercials so we all would remember their name (and critique the clothing selections of pitchman Tim Williams.)

The ads make it seem like Trivago is simple to use, and will save us cash on booking a hotel room for our next trip. But, does the site work as advertised?

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